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Where you can
feel 1990s of

日没SUP onガールズ


Onjuku beach is one of the famous beach of Japan and best place to start your first experience of Surfing and Stand Up Paddle . Let's have fun with our friendly instructor.



Onjuku city only have about 24 square kilometer. Satoyama which is Japanese traditional landscape and coast side landscape are very beautiful and easy to go both area by cycle tour with us. 

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Our tour desk locate in front of Onjuku station. In our tour desk we are opening cafe. Please have a coffe/tea time with locals and visitors in Onjuku.

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 Club Southeast Chiba locates in Onjuku-city. ALL NIPPON RENOVATION INC runs Club South East Chiba. ALL NIPPON RENOVATION is known as running Sotobo Keizai Shimbun  which is economical newspaper company. 
 We interview a lot of people and places in Sotobo-area. We have confidence of introducing attractive places of this area. 



 Hello I am Shion Kissei, I was born and raised in here on Sotobo and now I am a director of Club Southeast Chiba.

 You can feel the traditional culture of Japan here in Onjuku and Katsura. In cities like Tokyo, glimpses changing  and it is easy to forget what were there. However, In this area,  it is very difficult to find new glimpses.

 Sotobo area facing problem of  depopulation and decreasing birthrate and aging population. Onjuku city has highest aging population in Chiba prefecture. 48.6% of population is over 65. 

 We will never give up. It is true that our town fasing huge problems but there are so many attractive places and people which is not in City. We are looking forward to seeing you and introduce our local community. 

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